We offer a wide variety of lenses and treatments to help your vision and help you in the real world.

Clear vision for you

There are many types of lenses;

Single Vision Lenses

Bi-Focal Lenses

Tri-Focal Lenses

Progressive Lenses

Computer Lenses

At BrawnerEye, we can do it all.

Our lenses and treatment options are far and wide, from the brands and labs we use, you will have plenty of options for your lenses.

Vision tailored to you

Round, square, rectangle.

You name it, we got it.

Our labs focus on your prescription and your frame to make sure you can see clear in distance and near.


Taking your evey day pair of glasses above and beyond.

Choose from grey, brown, or green.

Dark outside to clear indoors in no time.




We have a wide array of sunglasses in office, and online at Properoptics.com

Our lenses can be made with or without polarization, light or dark tint.

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